Jennifer Apple SNL2.jpg

Ingredients of an Apple:



Passport stamp collector, Mint adorer, Subway people watcher, Spontaneous adventurer, Nature seeker, Seltzer and Tea drinker, Epic conversationalist, Photographer, All-Seasons-Mountain traverser, Core-valued (pun intended), Chapstick user, The Strand Book Store Browser, Laughter-Ab-Workout Seeker, Hot Yoga practicer, Music listener, Cards Against Humanity player, Detail oriented, Hygiene needer, Dog-lover, Tea (with honey) drinker, Massive smiler, Tent sleeper, Hummus dipper, Color-Red admirer, 2+Ply Toilet Paper enjoyer, Soup consumer, Cheese connoisseur, Proud tribe member, Deep massage wanter, International trailblazer, Karma believer, Accented human enthusiast, Family & Friend supporter, Road trips & Open road roamer

Ambition / Belief / Drive / Energy / Exuberance / Honesty / Intellect / Loyalty / Outgoing / Passionate / Resilient / Soulful / Spunk / Trust / Wit