There is nothing more wonderful than helping someone achieve success & personal growth in real time and I want to help YOU do just that! My goal is to empower you — with material that becomes yours, spoken/sung in your natural voice, all felt in your most grounded self. My goal is to let your truest self shine through whatever work & words you are bringing to life. You are limitless & your instincts are what make you, you.

Now, let’s unleash the storyteller you are meant to be!

What People Say


Julia Wilde

I highly recommend Jennifer Apple. Her coaching helped me take my monologues to new fiercely authentic places. She’s kind but honest and pushes you to bravely face the direction you need to go. She made space for the process that allowed me to be the best version of myself when I stepped into the audition room.  I couldn’t recommend her enough for those looking to audition for a graduate program or brush up on their monologues.

Morgan Lange

Jennifer Apple is a fantastic Acting Teacher. She is well versed in all styles in acting. She can teach you physical comedy to Strasberg and is willing to grow you in whatever style works best for you. She will bring a deep commitment to your growth and understands the relationship between student and teacher; constantly pushing you but rewarding you on your journey. Her vast knowledge of Acting allows her to recommend works to her students that are deeply impactful. Every actor or artist is in search of their tonal area. Jennifer will help you find what area you find most impactful and will teach you ways to create something you find deeply meaningful. Jennifer helped me piece it all together. Jennifer showed me how to self tape, how to understand the text on a deeper level, and she showed me how to throw it all away and let it rip. More than anything she pushed me to be curious in the text and in myself. No matter what form of Acting you’re interested in you can always count on Jennifer to be in full commitment to your growth.

Brigid O’Brien

I’m a senior in high school and I’m planning to major in the performing arts.  Jennifer has been a huge help.  She is extremely professional, an amazing teacher and has really helped me figure out the material that speaks to me.  This is such a busy time for a senior, and Jennifer is super flexible and makes herself accessible whenever I need her.  Jennifer helped me find strategies that made my acting more specific and personal.  I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone looking for audition prep or coaching.  

Lisa O’Brien

Majoring in theater or musical theater is an arduous task. Just ask any parent who has tried to navigate this insane process without the help of a college audition coach. The trouble is, this cottage industry has become nearly as crazy as the audition process itself. Jennifer Apple is an amazing coach. She is a consummate professional who has an innate ability to motivate, teach, and organize mountains of information and deadlines. Although we are still going through the process, I would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone looking for a coach who not only has impeccable credentials but is an outstanding teacher and exceptional mentor.

Evan Henderson

Jennifer is extremely encouraging and knowledgeable when it comes to highlighting your strengths.  In our time together she really helped me find my power as an actor and gave me the confidence in my ability and acting choices needed to thrive during my graduate school auditions.